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As an IT staffing and recruitment partner for over 30 years, Certes has a successful track record of delivering UK wide IT & comms staffing services and recruitment support to government and the private sector. 


Certes authority is compounded by our capacity to recognise the ample material necessities of a establishment in the Telecoms Wireless jobs sector and the staffing & recruitment conditions these consequently form. Certes performance history of exceeding our customers assumed service levels are largely down to our focus on detail and our hunger to deliver compelling results.

The focus of our concept is our relationships with our Wireless jobs patrons forged on complete openness.  These alliances are grounded on mutual respect, trust and an unswayable vow to meet the maximum standards of conduct and one of the most expansive recruitment portfolios available in the Telecoms Mobile sector that caters for Fixed, Wireless and Network management disciplines.

In addition to our service excellence within the Telecoms workplace, we innovate within our range, in a determined reaction to the stresses of the modern working environment and the increasing pressure on end users to keep within progressively elaborate employment rules.

To be a market leader service provider in the Telecoms Wireless jobs sector you will require to be partnered by a strong and reliable staffing agency that has great insight into the recruitment industry. Here at Certes we are continually investing in our team of people and our business methods to make sure we maintain distinction in our customer service and delivery.

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