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As a staffing and IT recruitment agency, Certes has a 30 year successful track record delivering UK wide IT and comms staff, as well as staffing services and recruitment support.

When Can Interims Really Add Value

When can Interims really add value?

 The best use of Interim consultant talents is when you have a very specific and targeted need for high level skills and knowledge.  To get the best out of Interim Management you need to be prepared to clearly define the commercial parameters of the issue you need their support and input into.  Typically our clients are using Interim Managers to support projects like;

  • Managing change initiatives
  • Short-term gaps at senior/board level or at Department Management level following organisational restructuring
  • A headcount freeze, or the loss of a key figure head
  • Helping new business areas/divisions develop their strategy and plans
  • Assisting with operational issues of a Merger & Acquisition exercise
  • Coaching of incumbent Directors/senior managers (either as part of a Change project or to support skills gaps)
  • Turning around an under-performing subsidiary or division
  • Covering maternity leave, sickness or sabbatical cover

When we work with any client on an interim assignment our recruitment consultants will require a full brief in order to ensure the right match. 

If you're contemplating using Interim Management services you'll need to  identify; the number of Interim Managers required, the background of the business, function or project, the locations, start dates and anticipated daily rates, reporting structure and a summary of the Interim assignment, the key objectives, anticipated challenges and how success will be measured, the core competencies/essential personal strengths and qualities required and whether any specific sector or product knowledge is required. 

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