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IT Programme and Project Management Jobs

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What is IT Project Management?

IT programme and project management is the implementation of techniques, skills and acquired knowledge to achieve a desired conclusion to a project’s objectives.

The success of an IT project management strategy is judged by the completion of a project within the stipulated timescale and budget where all goals have been realised.

The core considerations of IT Programme and Project Management are to:

  • Specify why an IT project is required
  • Define the projects requirements and estimate timescales and resources needed
  • Justify the investment required for the IT project and produce a business plan
  • Secure sign off and finance for the project 
  • Design and enforce an IT project management plan
  • Motivate, lead and oversee the IT project team
  • Risk assessment and problem solving throughout the lifetime of the IT project
  • Monitor the progress of the project against the plan
  • Manage the budget of the IT project
  • Bring IT project to a satisfactory conclusion


When would you Use IT Programme and Project Management?

Projects are separate to the usual activities of an IT firm or department and therefore require a team to work together on a temporary basis. Because of this, IT programme and project management would be required to ensure the smooth running of the project from inception to conclusion.

IT programme and project management will deal solely with that specific project and the way that it is approached depends on a number of factors.

The size, importance and intricacy of the work are obvious factors; a small office IT project and a full factory install of IT equipment may share some common characteristics, but they both throw up very different IT management challenges.

Why use IT Project Management?

By investing in solid IT programme and project management a business and the individuals associated with it can expect to:


  • Achieve the desired result
  • Get a better return on investment
  • Satisfy any shareholders or project financiers

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IT Programme and Project Management Jobs

IT Programme and Project Management Jobs

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