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As a staffing and IT recruitment agency, Certes has a 30 year successful track record delivering UK wide IT and comms staff, as well as staffing services and recruitment support.

Environmental Policy

In the pursuit of more environmentally conscious recruitment practise Certes is fully committed to trying to reduce, on a cost effective basis, the environmental impact of its operations, conducting its own activities and operations to reflect best environmental practice, and trying to prevent pollution, reduce waste and the consumption of resources.

Our environmental objectives are;

By implementation of all our objectives we will demonstrate our commitment to pursue sustainability by addressing the environmental impact of our operation positively, to demonstrate compliance with the key principles to “reduce, re-use and recycle” and to enable continuous improvement.

Certes will endeavour to conduct its activities and operations to reflect best environmental practice.  In particular Certes will:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements;
  • Review our activities and operations to identify significant environmental aspects and prioritise action to address the impacts of these;
  • Set aims, objectives and targets to control or reduce adverse environmental impacts and monitor and review performance and progress;
  • Undertake regular reviews/audits of the environmental management system to check its robustness and ensure it remains fit for purpose;
  • Raise awareness of environmental issues amongst our employees through policy and performance against targets information, specific publicity campaigns (local initiatives, articles on the intranet, publications) and data on the sustainable development area of the business;
  • Endeavour to ensure that goods and services procured support our environmental policy and that our suppliers are encouraged to improve their own environmental performance;
  • Reduce waste through robust, pro-active management of our activities and processes;
  • Maximise the use of the Company’s disposal services agency to dispose of unwanted/surplus goods or materials appropriately, and to gift and recycle to charities and good causes whenever possible, in order to minimise use of landfill sites;
  • Produce an annual report on our progress and performance, making this available both within the company and externally.

Robert Lindsey
Managing Director

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