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Cyber Security Jobs

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What are Cyber Security Jobs?

Cyber security jobs are vital roles that have grown in demand in response to the threat of terrorism being conducted via the internet. The United Kingdom and other countries have lived with the threat of terrorism for decades. Recently these terrorist threats have now moved online threatening our cyber security.  The cyber security jobs market is an emerging IT sector that is dedicated to protecting us from such attacks that can take many forms across many technologies; including the world wide web, telecommunications and computer systems and networks.

Cyber security jobs require the knowledge of a number of disciplines; these include the security of operating systems such as Microsoft, UNIX, Linux and Novell; and the protection of hardware equipment such as routers, servers and switches. Cyber security jobs also require the management of security policies and forensic security data.


Cyber Security Jobs Protecting the UK

Cyber security jobs protect the UK from hostile states or organisations that are intent on hacking networking systems with the aim of causing maximum disruption to the nation’s infrastructure or to steal sensitive data.


Cyber Security Jobs in Demand

Due to the increased threat to our online security there is a real need for IT specialists in the world of cyber security. This at a time when there is a decline in people entering the IT profession or studying the subject in higher education. Now is the ideal time to pursue a career within the IT work sector and specifically the cyber security jobs market.

If you're looking for a career move within Cyber Security, or planning your forthcoming contract assignment, we could have the ideal cyber security job vacancy that you are looking for.

For more information about our Cyber Security, InfoSec jobs or our recruitment services contact Liam Bayliss and Niall Gibson, who will contact you to discuss our latest job opportunities that match your skills and experience.


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Security Cleared IT Jobs

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