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As a staffing and IT recruitment agency, Certes has a 30 year successful track record delivering UK wide IT and comms staff, as well as staffing services and recruitment support.

BA Training & Qualifications

The need for a broad skill set and increased professionalism has intensified as the role of the Business Analyst has gained more prominence within organisations. However, with this prominence and recognition has come increased expectations. Business Analysts are expected to demonstrate a professional approach, using standard methods, techniques and models to ensure that their organisations operate effectively and select the most relevant business options.

Training partnership - Introducing the home study route to the BCS Diploma in Business Analysis.

Certes and Assist e-Learning have partnered to provide you with a cost-effective, time-saving way to study for your BCS Diploma in Business Analysis. 

For those in full-time employment gaining a qualification by attending a training course means time out of the office, which, in these difficult times, many employers are reluctant to agree to. For contractors this can feel like a double-whammy, i.e. even though time spent on the course is non-fee earning time, the course and exam still have to be paid for.

However, in the current depressed job market, where employers are able to choose from a large number of potential employees, holding formal qualifications can help candidates stand out from the crowd.

Over the past 10 years the BCS Diploma in Business Analysis has become the de-facto qualification for business analysts. Nowadays most job adverts will specify BCS BA Certificates or the full Diploma as preferred - if not essential qualifications.  Fortunately, gaining this valuable qualification no longer involves spending valuable time out of the office. 

Effective training is key to analysts developing these skills and, increasingly, organisations are looking for courses that lead to qualifications to provide this evidence of credibility and skills. Certes can offer you such training.

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