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BA Management Forum

As organisations choose to develop the BA role with greater career structure and focus on competency development the BA management role has emerged.

With little or no body of evidence to draw from, many managers are establishing BA functions from scratch and have few hand holds to guide them in terms of accepted practise. The BA Managers Forum meets twice each year to discuss key developments in the profession. Most recently the forum assessed the practicalities of the BA operating as a true "Internal Consultant". The forum is usually a free event and feedback to date is that this has proved an invaluable service. BA managers interested in attending the forum can contact Lawrence Darvill – – 01675 468 930

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Putting off thinking about the GDPR? Think again.

21 Nov 2017

Putting off thinking about the GDPR? Think again.

Putting off thinking about the GDPR? We really recommend you start now. Whether you like it or not, the GDPR is well on its way...

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