November 21st 2017

Putting off thinking about the GDPR? Think again.

Putting off thinking about the GDPR? We really recommend you start now. Whether you like it or not, the GDPR is well on its way and if your business operates in the EU, you have clients that operate in the EU, or process data of EU citizens then you will need to comply with the new regulations by 25 May 2018. Statistics from a recent survey conducted by Invenias show that 85% of recruitment agencies are not yet actively planning for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

April 2nd 2017

The Changing nature of IT Business Partnering

An Interview with Tony Michaels, Lead IT Business Partner at Skanska Lead IT Business Partner Tony Michael tells Certes how he established and developed the IT Business Partnering Function withi...

April 1st 2017

Are you out of IR35?

Deemed Self Employment Status - Are you Out of IR35? For those contractors who have been found to be outside of IR35, read our guidance notes to support your deemed self-employment status, and ...

March 30th 2017

Latest jobs data: Demand for contractors in financial services falls

Permanent vacancies down 1% year-on-year Contract vacancies fall 9% Contractor vacancies in finance drop by 23% Average salaries dip by 1.3% Permanent vacancies dip Professional rec...

March 29th 2017

‘Comparatively Speaking’ Cyber Insights for 29th March from The National Cyber Skills Centre

How much are you willing to invest in securing your corporate data? Maybe that depends on how it’s being stored. Just for a moment suspend your understanding on how data storage mediums ...

March 23rd 2017

The state of IT security in UK businesses

Businesses across the world are under a continuous stream of cyber attacks - how are UK businesses faring in this environment? Hundreds of millions of cyber threats travel the internet ev...

March 22nd 2017

‘Course Correction’ Cyber Insights for 22nd March from The National Cyber Skills Centre

It’s time to change the course of your cyber security strategy and point it in the direction of GDPR Back in December 2016 the UK Government published a policy paper titled “Cyber Security Regu...

March 16th 2017

The UK's most exciting tech hotspots

The UK has some hidden gems, and some not-so-hidden gems, in terms of its technological hubs. From Manchester to Bath, Lilli Hender of explores the country’s finest offerings in ...

March 15th 2017

‘Weapon Of Choice’ Cyber Insights for 15th March from The National Cyber Skills Centre

Has the recent Wikileaks revelations started the process of digitally disrupting the defence industry? I can’t even count the number of movies I’ve watched where there is a ‘secret’ item...

March 10th 2017

A new way forward - post IR35 reform

IR35 – Certes Solutions Following the much anticipated reforms to IR35 in the public sector, as implemented through the off payroll changes (IR35) part 2 income tax (earnings and pensions) ac...