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About NCSC


Launched at a major European-wide security exhibition in London at the end of April, 2014, the National Cyber Skills Centre (NCSC) is at the forefront in defending the UK against attacks at the computerised heart of business, and other organisations of vital economic importance to the nation.

Based at the Malvern Hills Science Park within the long-established ‘Cyber Valley’ area, the NCSC exists to offer a two-fold solution to winning the war against what has been described as ‘commercial terrorism’ – by creating greater awareness of the problem itself, and by offering a channel of tailor-made courses compiled by a range of cyber-defence expert training providers.

The formation of this new centre of excellence comes at a time when last year alone 87 percent of small businesses endured a breach of their IT security – each costing up to £65,000 to remedy – a massive slice off the bottom line of any organisation planning for growth.

The urgent need to support businesses large and small against such financial loss has been identified, and the NCSC is now in place to guide the business, industrial and commercial sectors along the path to cyber security – with programmes developed by experts who themselves have first-hand experience of the problems involved.

Whether you are a small business looking to take the first steps to protecting your company, or an experienced cyber specialist looking to deepen your knowledge and open up career pathways, you can rely on the National Cyber Skills Centre to provide relevant skills growth through its extensive range of programmes written by industry and taught by practitioners.


For more information about the National Cyber Skills Centre, visit them here

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