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Finding a new IT permanent Job

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Finding a new permanent IT job is now more complex and time-consuming than ever before. It’s therefore imperative that you are proactive and use all the recruitment tools available to you to find the right position. These tools include the following:

Recruitment web sites

There is an ever growing number of recruitment web sites available to candidates that are used both by agencies and directly by organisations. It is therefore imperative that you use a number of these web sites rather than relying on one to ensure you don’t miss your ideal job. It’s also advisable to sign up for jobs by email from sites like Certes’ so the hard work of job hunting is done for you and you just have to check you inbox for the latest jobs that match your skills. 

Recruitment Agencies
Recruitment agencies are still an essential part of finding a new position, however they should be used wisely. It is not recommended to rely on one agency, nor use a "shotgun approach" sending you CV to every agency on your list. The most effective method is to pre select a handful of agencies, ideally meeting them to discuss your needs, coupled with applications to relevant roles advertised on the web. A telephone call before sending your CV explaining why you feel you are suitable is also beneficial.

National Press
The National Press still offers candidates an excellent source of positions. Such titles include trade specific press including Computing and Computer Weekly for IT positions (both with a technical bias and managerial) and the national press for more senior positions. Such titles include The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.

Local Press
Numerous employers will still use this media, especially for junior technical positions. However managerial roles can also be found, but to a lesser extent.

Your own network of contacts
This is still one of the best methods of finding a new position. Organisations will normally prefer to take on people that are known to them rather than a completely unknown entity. It is therefore essential that you stay in contact with ex-colleagues, customers etc.

Direct applications
Whilst not the most effective means of finding a new position a good CV and covering letter to suitable organisations can work. A good method of finding relevant organisations in the area is the Computer Users Year Book, which can be found in most libraries.